Tips for Tatkal


Note: For best & fastest booking experience on AutoTatkal,  please update to the latest version (v2.95) released on June 25, 2018  from Playstore.

1. General Tips:-

  1. Keep Id card details such as PAN card or driving license of one of the passengers handy.
  2. Fill Login, Trip, Passenger & Payment Details (optional) correctly in the Tatkal form before hand.
  3. Cross check the train &  coach availability, trip date and payment method details entered before booking.
  4. For AC classes, try booking in 2A (second ac) first. For most of the routes, 2A gets filled less quickly than 3A in-spite of lesser berths.
  5. Start booking from 10:56 – 10:59 AM for Non-AC coach bookings & from 9:56 – 9:59 AM for AC coach bookings.
  6. Be on a high speed internet connection for increasing the chances of booking.
  7. Make payment using (find more details at the end of this page)
    1. S.B.I (Netbanking) for IRCTC Website.
    2. BHIM / UPI  for IRCTC Website.
    3. UPI (Razorpay) for IRCTC App.
    4. Wallets (PayTM / Mobikwik / Airtel Money / Jio Money) for IRCTC App.
    5. S.B.I Debit card / ICICI or HDFC or Axis bank Netbanking for Website.

2. AutoTatkal Tips :-

  1. Autofill on IRCTC App has relatively better chances of booking than IRCTC Website. 60% users book using IRCTC App daily.
  2. Please be patient during Tatkal booking times, as IRCTC servers can be little slow and take 3-5 min (Non-AC) / 1-3 min (AC) sometimes during tatkal window in processing your booking due to heavy load of requests.
  3. Opt for “No Berth Preference”, to increase chances of booking as sometimes the booking may fail as the berth of your preference is not available.
  4. Use “Fetch from Master Passenger list” option in Tatkal form to book quickly from IRCTC App. Make sure only the passengers travelling are added to master list on IRCTC App. This feature is helpful for bookings for more than 1 passenger. (more details below)
  5. Use “Enable Senior Concession…” option in Tatkal for IRCTC App or Website, if you are booking for a train like Duronto, Shatabdi, Rajadhani, Garibrath etc., which have (more details below)
    1. Food Choice (Veg /Non Veg)
    2. Bed roll option
  6. Use “Enable Senior Concession…” option in Tatkal, if you want to disable “Opt Berth” option in IRCTC App for your child.
  7.  We support OTP auto-fetch for Wallets (PayTM / Mobikwik / Airtel Money/ Jio Money) on IRCTC App  &  S.B.I. (Netbanking) for Website booking.
  8. Be sure to answer the security question  correctly asked by IRCTC during Tatkal time (10:00 – 10:10 AM / 11:00 – 11:10 AM) to proceed further.
  9. Please see, if IRCTC App Autofill stops at any place, please select trip date / train number / passenger details manually if needed. Autotatkal autofill will kick in immediately after you enter proper choice.
  10. You can take a screenshot & send us a bug report, if you face any issues during booking on IRCTC App or Website. Please find the options in top menu for website / chat head for App autofill.
  11. Do not panic, if your ticket is not booked but money got deducted, as this occurs sometimes due to IRCTC not being able to book tickets for you. The money will be refunded back to bank in 5-7 working days by IRCTC in such cases.
  12. To stop AutoTatkal from filling details automatically on IRCTC app, just drag the chathead downwards & close it during Booking. (more details below)
  13. If you like our app, please share it with your friends and by sharing on Facebook / WhatsApp groups / Twitter / Youtube etc.,

3. Fetch from MasterList on IRCTC App :

On Enabling “Senior Conc / Veg or NonVeg” option, fields are displayed in the tatkal form as shown below.

Screenshot_2018-06-13-19-08-51 2

4. Enable senior Concession, Veg/Non Veg, bedroll : 

Step 1: Enable “Fetch from IRCTC App Mater Passenger List” on AutoTatkal


Step 2: 

  1. Add passengers to Master Passenger list.
  2. Make sure to Verify these Passengers by clicking on them once.



Step 3: During Booking, AutoTatkal will auto fetch & fill passenger details from Master list as shown below.


5. Stop AutoFill for IRCTC App durin Booking:

Long press on chathead & drag it down to close the autofill for IRCTC App.


6. Payment Services with Maximum Success

Highest Success rate (90%)

  • App >> eWallets >> PayTM
  • Website >> NetBanking >> S.B.I.
  • App >> Gateways >> PayTM 
  • App >> e-Wallets >> Mobikwik
  • Website >> Services >> PayTM
  • App >>Gateways >> Mobikwik
  • Website >> Wallets >> PayTM
  • Website >> Debit >> Axis Bank     
  • Website >> Debit >> Union Bank 

Good Success rate (75%)

  • Website >> NetBanking  >> ICICI
  • Website >> Debit  >> S.B.I.
  • Website >> UPI >> BHIM
  • Website>> Gateways >>HDFC
  • App >> eWallets>>IRCTC Wallet
  • App >> eWallets>>Airtel Money
  • Website >> Paylater >> ePayLater
  • App >> eWallets >> Ola Money
  • App >> Gateways >>  RazorPay
  • Website >> Wallets >> Mobikwik
  • Website >> NetBanking  >> HDFC
  • Website >> Debit >> HDFC

Normal Success rate (50%)

  • Website >> Wallets >> Airtel Money
  • Website >> Debit  >> Canara 
  • App >> eWallets >> Jio Money
  • Website >> Gateways >> CITI
  • Website>>Debit>>Indian Overseas
  • Website >> NetBanking  >> AXIS 
  • App >>  Paylater >> Pay on delivery 
  • Website >> Debit  >> Indian Bank 
  • Website >> NetBanking  >> IDBI 
  • Website >> NetBanking  >> Kotak 
  • Website >> Gateways >> ICICI 
  • Website >> Wallets >> Freecharge

Note:  The above banks are mostly used by users for booking their tickets on our App. Choose any of the above banks only for booking your tatkal. As the other payment methods might not give good success rate.






Q1: What are the fastest payment services during Tatkal ?

Ans:  Check ‘Tatkal Tips‘ in the ‘Navigation menu’ for the fastest payment services listed based on analysis of the successful bookings done through AutoTatkal by thousands of users.

Q2: Is UPI payment supported in IRCTC App?

Ans:  Please see, UPI payment is supported in IRCTC App autofill by Razorpay Gateway. Go to App >> Gateways >> Razorpay >> UPI.

Q3: How to close the notification bar (chat head) of AutoTatkal app ?

Ans:  Press on the chat head & drag it to the trash icon that appears on long pressing it. Please check below.



Q4.  Do you charge any extra commissions during checkout ?

Ans: Autotatkal do not charge any extra commissions for booking tatkal / general tickets.

Q5: What is Rail Connect PIN ?

Ans:  Rail Connect PIN is a ‘4 digit PIN’ you set when you login to IRCTC Rail Connect App on your phone for the first time. We need this PIN to auto-login to IRCTC account on your phone.


Q6.  How to stop autofilling on IRCTC App everytime ?

Ans: Please disable “Accessibility” for Autotatkal in “Settings” to stop the background service filling on IRCTC app.

1. Go to  “Settings >> Accessibility >> AutoTatkal”

2. disable accesibility for autotatkal as shown below.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 9.27.36 AM.png

Q7. Which is the best way to book “IRCTC App” or “IRCTC Website” ?

Ans: Both IRCTC Website & App can be used to book tatkal in less than a minute.  Do a trial with both the methods on app and choose which suits you better. Use Netbanking or Mobile Wallets (SBI, Paytm Wallet, BHIM, ICICI, Axis etc.,) for quicker checkout on the app.

Q8.  Are the details saved to the app secure ?

Ans: Your details are stored in encrypted form on your phone itself. We do not save your details on our servers. They are 100% secure.

Q9. My money has been deducted from the a/c but no confirmation on ticket has been received. Please tell what to do ?

Ans:    Please see if amount does not reach IRCTC / the ticket is not booked on Payment, bank will refund amount in 2-3 working days. Please do not panic. Please check  below for “refund rules” of failed transaction as per IRCTC rules at the below links